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October 30, 2014  

Street harassment can be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, sizeist, and or classist -   and it’s happening on streets worldwide.  Perhaps you were on the receiving end of unwanted vulgar comments that left you feeling scared, irate and uncertain how and what to do.  Holla back is a movement to end street harassment by a network of local activists around the world by using smart phones and much more.  Holla Back’s Deputy Director, Debjani Roy reveals the ugly truth of what millions of people experience every day and what you can do about it and how Holla Back’s experiment of filming a young woman walking the streets of NYC to see what verbal assault she would receive depicts just how rampant unwanted verbal abuse is.


Apple’s turning out way more than just new product!  Tim Cook, Apple CEO revealed he identifies as gay…translation – he’s gay.  You’re welcome.  This is terrific news for anyone struggling with the notion of coming out.  Way to go Tim…now what can you do for the tens of thousands of under paid and over worked overseas children and adults building Apple products???     


Chris Christie cancels Halloween in NJ due to Ebola breakout???  He probably pondered the notion but the viral rumor is just that but in true Christie form, he did tell a heckler to “shut up”.  Hear why Mark considers him to be far from a viable president.  


And Mark muses on why he thinks NYC is the marathon of marathons and talks with first time NYC marathoner Mary Wodell and why she runs and who benefits from her endless pounding the pavement.   

October 23, 2014  

Brian Fischler, Founder of Laugh for Sight, comedian, writer and master to one really cool guide dog named Nash (he’s actually funnier then Brian too) talks about the 9th annual sidesplitting LFS event Monday October 27 at the Gotham Comedy Club starring Gilbert Gottfried, Robert Klein, Jim Norton, Colin Quinn and more comic greats.  Okay – full disclosure, I’m the jack-ass host for the silent auction where I’ll share hilarious stories of being visually impaired – and NO I’m not excited to see you, that’s my pocket magnifier!  We even get serious for a moment to discuss how people with vision loss are invaluable employees…okay, back to ridiculousness – hear how Mark’s gargantuan large print dictionary serves as a great prop but was once the bane of his existence when he was young.   


Plus, Mark shares how he answered a perfectly logical question during one of his recent live school talks by a special education teacher on behalf of her students about being different.  Also - how the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorious got away with murder by being sentenced to a mere 5 years and how finally - 5 Sayreville War memorial high school football coaches were just suspended – NOT fired.


Learn more about Mark including his talks at schools and corporations nationally:


October 9, 2014  

Sayreville WarMemorialHigh School cancelled the remainder of its football season due to grotesque acts forced on freshmen players by senior teammates.  The senior offenders consider this hazing and school officials are calling it bullying.  Mark muses the so called “bullies” will soon be called “sex offenders” for the unthinkable and abysmal behavior!  Also, callers’ voice their disgust over what occurred in this gridiron crazed town.


Parents everywhere – download the FREE “Know Bullying” app developed by SAMHSA and Stop Bullying.Gov (no it’s not a taser gun) to learn ways to speak with your child about bullying.  Ingrid Donato from SAMHSA, joins Mark and provides tips, warning signs and more on protecting your child. 


If you were told you have a short amount of time left on earth, how would you spend it?  Hear how one woman has chosen her destiny!  Death with dignity?              


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