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October 23, 2014  

Brian Fischler, Founder of Laugh for Sight, comedian, writer and master to one really cool guide dog named Nash (he’s actually funnier then Brian too) talks about the 9th annual sidesplitting LFS event Monday October 27 at the Gotham Comedy Club starring Gilbert Gottfried, Robert Klein, Jim Norton, Colin Quinn and more comic greats.  Okay – full disclosure, I’m the jack-ass host for the silent auction where I’ll share hilarious stories of being visually impaired – and NO I’m not excited to see you, that’s my pocket magnifier!  We even get serious for a moment to discuss how people with vision loss are invaluable employees…okay, back to ridiculousness – hear how Mark’s gargantuan large print dictionary serves as a great prop but was once the bane of his existence when he was young.   


Plus, Mark shares how he answered a perfectly logical question during one of his recent live school talks by a special education teacher on behalf of her students about being different.  Also - how the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorious got away with murder by being sentenced to a mere 5 years and how finally - 5 Sayreville War memorial high school football coaches were just suspended – NOT fired.


Learn more about Mark including his talks at schools and corporations nationally:


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