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October 9, 2014  

Sayreville WarMemorialHigh School cancelled the remainder of its football season due to grotesque acts forced on freshmen players by senior teammates.  The senior offenders consider this hazing and school officials are calling it bullying.  Mark muses the so called “bullies” will soon be called “sex offenders” for the unthinkable and abysmal behavior!  Also, callers’ voice their disgust over what occurred in this gridiron crazed town.


Parents everywhere – download the FREE “Know Bullying” app developed by SAMHSA and Stop Bullying.Gov (no it’s not a taser gun) to learn ways to speak with your child about bullying.  Ingrid Donato from SAMHSA, joins Mark and provides tips, warning signs and more on protecting your child. 


If you were told you have a short amount of time left on earth, how would you spend it?  Hear how one woman has chosen her destiny!  Death with dignity?              

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