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June 26, 2014  

Governor Chris Christie Opens Doors, rather then closing a bridge -  for NJ Students with Disabilities. Plus – how much damage can an Open Carry Guitar Rally cause – we hope a lot!


Tim Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman spoke with Mark about the historic bill signing by New jersey Governor Chris Christie requiring schools to allow students with disabilities to sign up for and take part in extracurricular sports programs.  This milestone event is the first in the country and will hopefully set a precedent for all states and nations worldwide.


Attention shredders, care to exercise your second amendment right to carry that axe – or guitar openly?  Hear how one Dallas man is sending a message to gun owners that tout their weapons openly in restaurants and coffee shops.  It’s his way of educating those who participate in open carry rallies as well as exercising his most valued right – to rock out!

June 19, 2014  

The Moth has introduced their model of storytelling to NY schools and with great success kids are clamoring to be part of this unique program that has kids sharing life events through The Moth’s instruction on the art of storytelling.  Catherine McCarthy, shares why and how this endeavor by The Moth was conceived and the many positive effects it has had on countless students.      


Attention hard, soft and very soft bodies – we have good news for you.  You can feel better about your physique through diet and exercise and yes – in time for summer 2014.  NYC personal trainer, Cindy Lai shares how simple diet modifications and tweaks coupled with sensible exercise can have you looking and feeling better.  No gym required, just a little willpower can lead to an improved you.  


June 12, 2014  

The World Cup, “Dumb and Dumber To” and Housing for Returning Veterans.  And yes, it’s Healthy to Give!  


As a nation, are we less dumb now then 20 years ago?  Mark shares his exuberance about the new “Dumb and Dumber To” sequel, starring Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels and compares events and people from 1994 to 2014.  No, Mark doesn’t sing Mockingbird!    


61% of Brazilians didn’t want their country to host the World Cup but that’s a moot point now as football is underway in a nation that’s ill prepared to host the cup.  Regardless, at the conclusion of four weeks 1 team from 32 will be the victor!  Hear this and more as Mark muses goals and the games.    


Justin Bond received a free new house the hardest way possible – he gave his heart and soul for his country and lost his leg in doing so.  Bill Ivey, of Homes for Our Troops explains how Jason and other severely disabled veterans can receive new hosing at no cost.


Find out why you feel good when you give, as best selling author Dr. Stephen Post explains the science behind the many physical and psychological rewards of giving.    

June 6, 2014  

Barbara Otto from "Think Beyond the Label", shares why employers will find
no shortage of very capable applicants with disabilities to fill private
sector and government positions and why organizations have neglected to hire
more persons with disabilities.  Also, how job seekers with disabilities can
land their ideal position.

Her past is present in her books including her new novel "Always and
Forever". Susane Colasanti, depicts teen love coupled with stardom. Can they
go hand in hand?  Hear how this once Bronx NY school teacher became a top
teen novelist through her dream of connecting with as many teenagers as

And so long yellow bus - kids are using sole power to get to school.  Hear
about this trend that could take a bite out of child obesity.


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