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June 26, 2014  

Governor Chris Christie Opens Doors, rather then closing a bridge -  for NJ Students with Disabilities. Plus – how much damage can an Open Carry Guitar Rally cause – we hope a lot!


Tim Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman spoke with Mark about the historic bill signing by New jersey Governor Chris Christie requiring schools to allow students with disabilities to sign up for and take part in extracurricular sports programs.  This milestone event is the first in the country and will hopefully set a precedent for all states and nations worldwide.


Attention shredders, care to exercise your second amendment right to carry that axe – or guitar openly?  Hear how one Dallas man is sending a message to gun owners that tout their weapons openly in restaurants and coffee shops.  It’s his way of educating those who participate in open carry rallies as well as exercising his most valued right – to rock out!

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