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June 7, 2018  

Beyond Organic Growers owner, Theresa Reid shares how her passion for health lead her to create and develop a phenomenal aeroponics facility in central New Jersey that has a community thrilled and thriving over it’s plethora of healthy and incredibly tasty lettuce and so much more.  


Have Mark speak at your company or organization to increase morale, productivity, confidence and more.  Mark also has riveting talks for students (K-12) and college on overcoming adversity, anti-bullying/anti-teasing, mental health, drugs/alcohol, celebrating differences, self-entitlement and more.  All of Mark’s talks are from his vast life experience.  Reviews, videos, booking info and more at:


“Mark’s program was energetic and informative and gave our students a real-life account of how to graciously deal with a disability, substance abuse, mental illness and loss.  His story was genuine, humorous and touching all at the same time.  Our students were challenged to examine their priorities and responsibilities with a no-excuses frankness.”


Joan Stewart, MA

Mahwah High School

Student Assistance Counselor

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