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July 18, 2014  

A new car for their 17th birthday.  An ostentatious sweet sixteen party that
would even awe the Kardashians, the latest technological devices known to
man (of course outfitted with every possible accoutrement)?  These teens
(and adults) exist and they feel very strongly about their right to "have"
and "do" what they want.
"The entitled generation"...they're everywhere with their heads bent
feverishly tapping away on their smart phones or easily overheard bragging
publicly about their new outlandishly priced clothes or exotic vacation
plans.  Expert parent coach, Joan Keefe shares how this epidemic like
behavior is becoming more common, how it starts and how it can be managed.
Who is culpable; parents, the media, pop culture?  Mark and Joan discuss.

Mark also talks about the necessity (with a wink in his eye) of a new app
that tells you when to reapply sun tan lotion based on your skin type.
Should the creators of this app also include an indicator that would prompt
sunbathers when it's time to hit on the person you've been hawking near you?
Speaking of new apps - Kim Kardashian is attaching her name to a new smart
phone app that will make her an estimated cool 45 million.  And Mark talks
about Vanessa Williams appearance on Oprah's show where she recounts being
sexually abused by an 18 year old family friend when she was 10.     

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