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February 13, 2022  
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In part one of Mark’s conversation with Nigel Dick, award winning film director and producer, hear how Nigel created the intrigue and magic in Guns and Roses and Britney Spears videos to behind the scenes drama which often involves dealing with egos, politics and any and all unforeseen circumstances in getting the right shots to make award winning and legendary videos known and loved worldwide!  


Award winning, British born, film-maker Nigel Dick has directed over 380 music videos and more than 35 documentaries & feature films. He has won 3 MTV awards, 2 Billboard Awards and 3 MVPA awards. His videos have been nominated for a further twenty- one MTV awards, twenty-six Much Music Awards, a Grammy and won one Brit Award. His many personal nominations include a Cable Ace Award. He was awarded a second Lifetime Achievement Award by the MVPA (Music Video Producers Association) in May 2012.  


You can also experience Nigel’s phenomenal work and learn more about his insatiable desire to create supremely entertaining vast bodies of work including his highly acclaimed music videos, movies, commercials, his original music and so much more.

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