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January 14, 2019  

Alan Ross, Executive Director of The Samaritans of New York joins Mark to discuss the only community-based organization in the NYC-Metropolitan area solely devoted to preventing suicide and helping people in crisis.

Samaritan’s is part of the world’s oldest and largest suicide prevention network (with over 400 centers in 42 countries, from Argentina, Bosnia, France and Great Britain to Hong Kong, India, and Zimbabwe)–has been the major provider of suicide prevention, education and awareness services in NYC and environs for almost 30 years with vital programs.  Samaritan’s mission is to prevent suicide by providing immediate and ongoing support to those in crisis, providing solace and support to those who have been touched by suicide, teaching caregivers and health providers the most effective ways to identify and respond to those at-risk for suicide, and making the public more aware of the extent of the current suicide epidemic and the keys to addressing it.

Samaritans is often the first place those who are depressed turn for help, since it is the only hotline in NYC that practices absolute confidentiality, which research has found to be a preference for many people at risk for suicide. Samaritans Completely Confidential Hotline
When You Need Someone to Talk to 24/7/365: 212-673-3000

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"Mark Farrell is an engaging speaker and a remarkably talented man whose personal experiences overcoming adversity are inspirational.  I am very grateful that our students and faculty had the chance to hear him speak and to meet him during one of our major events at our school.  His moving stories about his own experiences with visual impairment enhanced our understanding about the challenges associated with vision loss and the power of the human spirit to meet those challenges with determination and dignity."
Mark Kiselica
Dean, School of Education

The College Of New Jersey


“Mark’s willingness to use his disability to uplift others is both generous and remarkable.  His message resonates with all of us who have worked hard to overcome life’s adversities.  If you’re looking for a podium speaker, look elsewhere.  Mark stays on the move and keeps the audience engaged.  Thank you, Mark”


Johnny Callebs

KAPP Executive Director


“Mark captivated our imaginations with a descriptive narrative about overcoming adversity. He did this with humor and personal connections that inspired and motivated our teachers. Bravo Mark!”


John Russo

NJAHPERD Executive Director

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