Insight with Mark Farrell An engaging forum to examine and discuss a vast array of everyday obstacles and challenges facing adults and children today.

April 2, 2018  

How have we become respectful, mannered and tolerant? Mark attributes his traits to his upbringing where his parents instilled these and believes it’s the role of parents to do that and much more including  enlightening both boys and girls on boundary issues regarding intimacy. Dreadful beginnings don’t dictate awful endings.  Mark shares how everything was going far south prior to a talk he was presenting though he didn’t let that derail him and or the result he sought.  Travel agents are as in vogue as flip phones since online booking has revolutionized how we pack our bags, pick our seat, grovel for upgrades and so much more.


Have Mark speak at your company or organization to increase moral, productivity, confidence and more.  Mark also has riveting talks for kids k-12 and college on overcoming adversity, anti-bullying/anti-teasing, mental health, drugs/alcohol, celebrating differences, self-entitlement and more.  All of Mark’s talks are from his vast life experience.  Reviews, videos, booking info and more at:

“Mark truly energized the crowd and engaged the youth in a truly effective way, we were very happy to see the very important anti-bullying message delivered in such a kid-friendly, yet meaningful way. Way to go! Thank you for the experience Mark!”

Daakeia Clarke, Madison Square Garden Company,
Marketing Manager, NY Liberty


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