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July 21, 2016  

Like millions of Americans, Andre Fooks is fed up with the numerous shootings and deaths of black men by police officers and the recent retaliation deaths from angered black men so Andre’s impromptu decision to walk into a New Jersey police department to speak with an officer spawned a concept that he calls #peaceforpics.  Hear how and why this grass roots concept has gone viral.  Please join in as well as spread the word at: #picsforpeace.  Daniel L. Hatcher’s new book, “The Poverty Industry – the Exploitation of America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens” reveals how vital money is being siphoned from the disabled community, senior citizens, foster children and more through profiting from the social safety net.  Most states are guilty of this and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no exception since he too has redirected funding earmarked for vulnerable populations.  Seems unfair because it is unfair!

Have Mark speak at your workplace, college/school, camp and more on vital topics that impact everyone including overcoming adversity/resiliency, mental health, drugs/alcohol, anti-bullying and more:

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