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November 1, 2019  



Comedian and assictive technology expert, Brian Fischler joins Mark to talk how “Laugh For Sight” has raised vital funds for degenerative retinal diseases and how the 14th annual LFS with headliner Robert Klein on Monday Novemeber 28 and co-hosted by Mark Farrell, will continue the tradition of bringing the best comics of today to defeat degnerative retinal diseases.


When #BlackLivesMatter went viral in 2013, it shed a light on the urgent, daily struggles of Black Americans to combat racial injustice.  The message resonated with millions across the country.  Yet many of our political, social, and economic institutions are still embedded with racist policies and practices that devalue black lives.  


Tehama Lopez Bunyasi co-author of  STAY WOKE: A People’s Guide to Making All Black Lives Matter (NYU Press, joins Mark to  shed light on the evolving effort to bring attention to the precarious nature of Black lives in the United States. Delving into history from Reconstruction through Jim Crow, and taking a hard look at today’s troubling political and social climate, the authors expose the deep roots of structural racism in America and its enduring, pervasive impact on racial inequality.  Tehama discusses the staggering statistics and data to document how Black men, women, and children are disadvantaged and devalued by negative stereotypes, discrimination, and segregation in every sector and aspect of life—from criminal justice to housing, education, and unemployment.  


Have Mark speak at your company, organization, conference and retreat to increase morale, productivity, confidence and more.  Mark also has riveting talks for students k-12 and college on overcoming adversity, anti-bullying/anti-teasing, mental health, drugs/alcohol, celebrating differences, self-entitlement, senior send-off and more.  All of Mark’s talks are from his vast life experience.  Reviews, videos, booking info and more at: Email:

“Mark’s willingness to use his disability to uplift others is both generous and remarkable.  His message resonates with all of us who have worked hard to overcome life’s adversities.  If you’re looking for a podium speaker, look elsewhere.  Mark stays on the move and keeps the audience engaged.  Thank you, Mark”

Johnny Callebs KAPP Executive Director

“Mark Farrell is a dynamic speaker who will captivate the audience by sharing his personal story of how he was able to overcome challenges in life and worked his way to success.  We scheduled Mark for 45 minutes, but our students were so engaged in his story that Mark spoke for over 1 hour.  I still have students approach me and discuss Mark's message and say, "if he could do it, so can I”

 Christine Crielly School Counselor

Holland Brook School NJ

 “Mark invigorated our conference! His genuine enthusiasm and professionalism, combined with an amazing topic, made for a marvelous presentation”

Catharine Leahy - Speakers Chair Princeton University


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