Insight with Mark Farrell An engaging forum to examine and discuss a vast array of everyday obstacles and challenges facing adults and children today.

September 14, 2018  

Nike gets it though many Americans perceive Colin as anti-American for his protest of racial inequality.  Is paradise all it’s cracked up to be?  Mark shares his hilarious bartending experiences while working at Club Med in Turks and Caicos (rated R).  It’s all to common though the dialogue for post partum depression remains hush, hush. 


Have Mark speak at your company, organization, conference, camp to increase morale, productivity, confidence and more.  Mark also has riveting talks for kids k-12 and college on overcoming adversity, anti-bullying/anti-teasing, mental health, drugs/alcohol, celebrating differences, self-entitlement, senior send-off and more.  All of Mark’s talks are from his vast life experience.  Reviews, videos, booking info and more at: Email:


Mark invigorated our conference! His genuine enthusiasm and professionalism, combined with an amazing topic, made for a marvelous presentation


Catharine Leahy - Speakers Chair Princeton University

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide commends Mark Farrell for sharing his life experiences and working to educate school staff on mental health awareness. His bold story, charisma and stage presence engage school staff and students during this important conversation

Dawn Doherty Executive Director

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide


    Mark Farrell is a dynamic speaker who will captivate the audience by sharing his personal story of how he was able to overcome challenges in life and worked his way to success.  We scheduled Mark for 45 minutes, but our students were so engaged in his story that Mark spoke for over 1 hour.  I still have students approach me and discuss Mark's message and say, "if he could do it, so can I”


Christine Crielly

School Counselor

Holland Brook School NJ

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