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December 8, 2017  

Leading Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein sheds light on why many high profile and powerful men feel they can act inappropriately with women.  Hear reasons why the deplorable “Harvey Weinsteins” and “Charlie Rosess” of the world feel entitled to get what they want from women to the imminent need for solutions to change behavior and perceptions.        


From the “How cool is this files”, Mark discusses the incredible medical milestone where a very happy mother and by the way - the first U.S. recipient of a uterus transplant to give birth.  Yay for mom and baby!  Mark discusses the significance of Time Magazines person of the year: “The Silence Breakers” and the positive impact of change in and out of the workplace.  And let’s hear it for Danica Roem, the first transgender woman who won a Virginia house seat.  Good riddance Bob Marshall!  


December 1, 2017  

Ravi Bhalla is the Mayor-Elect of Hoboken N.J. where his vast experience as a successful civil rights attorney and councilman will serve the mile square city well in the protection of civil rights, improving public education, preserving open space and much more.  Hobokenresidents and business are fortunate to have Mayor Elect Bhalla, the first Sikh mayor in U.S. that wears a turban on the job in January 2018.  Mark muses that this is the beginning of a long and triumphant career in politics for Ravi Bhalla.


Matt Lauer is the latest in a turbulent week in an era where high powered men are accused of inappropriate behavior and or sexual harassment in the workplace.  This week alone Garison Keiller and Russell Simmons have also been accused of unwanted sexual advances.  Mark discusses his disdain for this unacceptable behavior and how now more then ever is the need for more women to have powerful roles in business and government.  


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