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March 24, 2016  

International fashion model - Shaholly Ayers ( shares with Mark her vast experiences of growing up with a disability that propelled her to show the world via magazine covers, runways and now Ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion - that her difference makes her stronger (and prettier)! Aslo - an obituary that has everyone talking about how suicide is perceived and learn how the FDA is finally addressing percoct - the widely over use, over prescribed "fun" drug.

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March 17, 2016  

Independent Producer, Interpreter and indomitable force Jo Ann Dean ( shares her multi-prong work that will ultimately have all films accessible for everyone.  A mission equally significant to Michele Spitz ( ) – voice-over artist, philanthropist and trail blazer, to also have films and more accessible.  These two remarkable woman share with Mark how their life experiences shaped their goals, how their lives intersected and through their tireless effort the movie industry will be inclusive.  

Plus, the NFL’s long overdue admission that constant blows to one’s noggin while playing America’s most dangerous sport is hazardous and why this statement comes now.  This and more all while Mark sports his new kilt during one of the most beloved and despised days in NYC.

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March 10, 2016  

"Do You Dream In Color", new riveting documentary film by Director Abigail Fuller is about four driven teens navigating school, life and blindness! This exceptional film is being shown at the Reelabilities Film Festival NYC, Sunday March 13 @ 2 pm at JCC Manhattan ( for complete info). Hear how Tommy Hilfiger launched his new spring line complete for children with disabilities through the vision and tireless efforts of a mom, Mindy Scheier with a son with a disability. To have Mark speak at your school, college or corporation on vital topics including overcoming adversity, mental health, drugs/alcohol and more - visit

Here is the Trailer for : "Do You Dream In Color" -

March 3, 2016  

The 8th Annual Reelabilities NY Disabilities Film Festival is happening in numerous venues throughout the city March 10-16. Director of Reelabilities, Isaac Zablocki joins Mark to talk about the incredible lineup of feature films, documentaries, shorts and more. for complete NYC festival lineup.

The wrong precedent was set by the South Orange Maplewood School Board to keep baseball coach Fischetti of Columbia High School in Maplewood NJ on the field regardless of his alleged bullying tactics. But hey - they won the championship last year so the well being of students does not trump winning streaks! And hear how Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder rocked out at his former high school and how the Stones go for Brown Sugar in Cuba.

Mark speaks on vital topics from vast personal experience to k-12, college and corporate audiences on: overcoming adversity, mental health, celebrating differences, anti-bullying and more. To book Mark and for more info:


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