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January 21, 2016  
Singer, songwriter and entertainer - Mario Bonds was floored (along with most of America) Wednesday night when all three American Idol judges thought he didn't have what it takes.  For the first time, Mario talks with Mark about his performance, the judges criticism and you won't believe what one incredibly insensitive American Idol Producer said to Mario regarding his blindness!  
Not only does Mark start most of his days on a bike before sunrise - today Mark talks with Emily Piccone from Recycle A Bicycle on the numerous programs that serve both NYC youth and adults through education programs to learning bike mechanics.  And Emily and Mark share why they're passionate cyclists and the numerous positive ramifications biking and Recycle A Bicycle have on the public.
Have Mark Farrell speak at your school (K-12), college, corporation on vital topics including overcoming adversity, self entitlement, mental health, drugs/alcohol, anti-bullying-anti-teasing and more vital topics that all stem from Mark's varied life
January 14, 2016  

At age ten, when Stephanie Alves started sewing she had no concept that one day she would revolutionize the clothing industry by designing clothes for people with special needs.  ABL Denim, Stephanie’s company ( ), is producing jeans – yes jeans for various needs in different fabrics and styles to accommodate various needs and desires and is making consumers with disabilities elated because wearing jeans is an inalienable right.  You’re probably wearing them now and jeans are the only reason I ventured into broadcasting since my chosen field could care less what one sports in an on-air environment.  I even have my jeans categorized - my “nice jeans” are reserved for my talks at schools (k-12 and college) though I have to abandon them for corporate talks.  So, on behalf of a society that loves all things comfy, thank you Stephanie Alves for creating jeans for consumers with disabilities who like everyone – deserves the right to be comfortable and look cool!   

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January 7, 2016  

Mark speaks with NYC Police Athletic League's Executive Director, Fred Watts on the numerous programs benefitting 35,000 kids annually in the five boroughs and how Mr, Watts upbringing resulted in serving the public for 30 years with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office as a prosecutor and finance director and now taking PAL to new levels. Mark also shares examples of how as a kid he found trouble and how it could have changed his life trajectory since he wasn't part of PAL or similar organization.

Have Mark speak at your company, school or college on vital topics that stem from Mark's vast life experience. Info:


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