Insight with Mark Farrell An engaging forum to examine and discuss a vast array of everyday obstacles and challenges facing adults and children today.

December 31, 2015  

What made 2015 special? Will 2016 be a year of change? What events, people, etc. are you hoping will not trend in "16"? Mark reveals personal feats planned for the new year and muses possible life changes you're considering.

December 10, 2015  

The National Education Association President, Lily Eskelsen Garcia referred to special needs students as “chronically traded and the medically annoying” hear the unthinkable statement and the backlash that has ensued.  Fate saved Kevin Hines after the then 19 year old jumped from the Golden GateBridge and realized the millisecond he leapt over the railing that “it was an instant regret”.  Hear how Kevin has accepted that his battle with mental illness will be life long and that his work with national mental health organizations along with his book is helping countless people.  Mark also muses about how parents might address speaking with their children about school lock downs and why their needed. 

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