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December 19, 2014  

It’s been two years since Elisa Lopez was horrifically sexually assaulted while asleep on a NYC subway car while one bystander filmed the entire act and nine others did absolutely nothing to cease the assailant.


Elisa, for the very first time on any broadcast medium – shares this unspeakable experience with me from awaking to find the perpetrator groping and kissing her to watching the witness/videographer Jasheem Smiley, repeatedly defend his action on social media and tv that his choice of filming the act rather then intervening was the right one.


Elisa also tells how she initially found out the true extent of what happened to her when a friend alerted her of Jasheem’s video that he posted for the world to see what unfathomable event took place.


Please post the photo of the attacker on any and all social media outlets so justice can prevail and report any information about the identity and or whereabouts to CRIME STOPPERS: 800-577-8477,    


Happy and merry days to all my Insight listeners – your loyalty and support mean the world to me.       

December 17, 2014  

What life event(s) forever changed you? Did alcohol or drugs ever control you? Have you or someone close to you experienced mental illness?  In Mark’s continuing effort to help others better understand their actions through revealing his vast adversity – Mark poses questions to you, the listener, so you can take stock of the battles you’ve fought and overcome in life and consequently made you a stronger and more sensitive person.

December 4, 2014  

Capturing a most dangerous police maneuver on video (complete with audio) apparently wasn’t enough to convince a NY grand jury that excessive force was used by a Staten Island police officer that ultimately killed Eric Garner.  Kids are freaking out from increased pressures of test performance that could impact their future and it’s manifesting in the form of anxiety.  And how more and more kindergarten curriculums don’t advocate for coloring outside the lines.  



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