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August 29, 2014  

Rocco Fiorentino is a remarkable human being.  Hear how this indomitable 17 year old convinced legislators the importance of recognizing blindness that ultimately resulted in 44 states declaring October as “blindness awareness month”, including his home state of New Jersey.  He has appeared on Sesame Street where he comfortably described how it is being blind – which by the way, is true for Rocco.  Blind since birth but that hasn’t prevented him from becoming a composer, jazz singer, actor and more.  NBC’s Today Show invited Rocco on to demonstrate just how talented, intelligent and well spoken and to share some of his musical highlights of performing with Stevie Wonder and so much more.  Rocco’s bags are packed since he’s headed to Berklee College of Music where he’ll undoubtedly excel in his next chapter in life!


Cancer changes lives forever and for Kareemah Batts – it inspired her to accomplish something she and not many amputees consider – climbing mountains!  Her passion to begin anew makes one take pause and reflect on what we are all capable of in life.  Everyone has mountains of some sort to summit but not everyone has the courage in life to conquer what frightens them or secretly drives them.  Don’t het in Kareemahs way as this juggernaut is headed full steam ahead!  Watch her soar!


August 14, 2014  

In light of the tragic death of Robin Williams, Mark speaks with Dr. Jen Hartstein, NYC psychologist, author and professor - on many aspects of mental illness including depression and the physical and biological components and how the reverberations of losing Robin Williams have created massive dialogue that will hopefully spark a better understanding of what mental illness truly is – a disease.   

Mark shares his personal experience with panic attacks, anxiety and depression and how he managed to navigate and conquer intrusive thoughts that at first rocked his world – to, how the right therapist and understanding what your body is telling you can make all the difference.   Plus, hear how Mark had the privilege of meeting, cycling and interviewing Robin Williams at The Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon, where they shared laughs and where Mark saw first handedly how devoted Robin was to people with disabilities.             
August 8, 2014  

Most adults have a difficult time addressing death and loss.  It’s no wonder why absurd explanations are concocted when explaining death to children and young adults.  Joe Primo, Executive Director of Good Grief (NJ based organization that serves families and children on the death of a mom, dad, brother or sister) and author of “What Do We Tell the Children”, explains what type of dialogue should occur when having the feared and dreaded “death” conversation.  It’ll help you prepare for the inevitable - the death of people we love, and most importantly – children will benefit from a more sensible explanation which they will be able to process logically.


Mark muses on the life of James Brady and his major influence as a gun control advocate and summer jobs for kids – are they history?  Mark shares his plethora of jobs he held as a boy to his stint with Club Med as a bartender (not yet rated) to seeing Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin at a secret NYC concert where concertgoers were kept in the dark regarding vital show details – including where and when until the last minute.      


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