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April 24, 2014  

Positive Exposure is turning the definition of beauty on its heels by
utilizing photography and video to transform public perception of people
living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences. Executive
Director, Liz Grossman discusses how Rick Guidotti, a former award winning
fashion photographer founded Positive Exposure and its impact on countless
people of different beauty in building self esteem and how Positive Exposure
is helping the public to understand the beauty in our shared humanity. 

April 17, 2014  

Wrongfully convicted, Derrick Hamilton served 21 years in jail and is now seeking exoneration through a landmark NYS appellate ruling that reopened his case based on evidence that many say will clear his name.  Hear Derrick’s unfathomable experience including how he coped in prison to his first breath of fresh air as a free man.’s founder, Lonnie Soury shares how Derrick asked for his assistance while imprisoned and the work they accomplished together.

April 10, 2014  

Before she starred in Guiding Light and One Life to Live, Sonia Satra lived the life of an anorexic where it wasn’t uncommon for her to have one noodle for dinner.  Hear her struggle and how it’s shaped her as a parent, professional speaker (former NYC President of National Speakers Association) and how her new endeavor, Moticise Fitness - combines motivation within a kick-ass workout. 


April 3, 2014  

NYC and world famous DJ, TV host and "Rock and Roll encyclopedia" - Matt Pinfield, shares his experience with addiction, plus reveals a major upcoming project that he annoounced exclusively on Insight. Save Our Sobriety Co-Founder, Janet Engel shares how prevalent heroin use is by teenagers and how high proof alcohol is the "new beer" for high schoolers.


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