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March 27, 2014  

For most people without a disability, dating can be overwhelming. Imagine just how daunting it would be to put oneself in the dating pool if quadriplegia, hearing impairment or post traumatic stress disorder is part of your world. Can love conquer all with varying abilities? Chris Holcomb, Lori Frisher and Helman Roman share their experience of meeting and losing soul mates in a riveting conversation on the perils of dating when you're disabled.

March 20, 2014  
Relationships, careers, money and so much more are capable of making us feel stuck. Hear how Mark spun his wheels untill he was cognizant of what he truly wanted in life. And Lis shares how her decline in vision impacted her. Plus a PRN listener explains how fate gave him more purpose in life.
March 13, 2014  

Every day, everywhere and more than we'll ever realize - events dictate the
trajectory of our lives.  Like a tire blow out that left Lis literally and
helplessly facing oncoming traffic.  Casey's decision to comfort a
girlfriend in need one night rather than perform with accomplished musicians
lead him to become a producer.  And Mark's decision to walk by his past and
literally open a door that revealed his future - forever changed his life
beyond his wildest dreams.  

And in a society where alcohol is ubiquitous it's difficult to avoid.  Mark
shares the role it played in his family and how he finally realized enough
was enough. 

March 6, 2014  

On the eve of the Sochi Paralympics, Mark speaks with one of the worlds most famous sports figures - Sarah Reinertsen. Sarah shares her perspective as an accomplished athlete with a disability on how much more exposure the Paralympics could receive if they were held before the Olympic games as well as her beginnings as a 13 year old wobbly runner to Paralympiam and professional triathlete and much more. Go Sarah go!

Take a trip with Mark for his visit to the National Eye Institute to learn how his rare eye condition is being studied and hear how Mark subjects himself to rigorous vision tests. Spoiler alert, Mark sheds many a tear .


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