Insight with Mark Farrell An engaging forum to examine and discuss a vast array of everyday obstacles and challenges facing adults and children today.

February 27, 2014  

You can't choose your family though your family can choose you! Overcoming adversity encompasses numerous scenarios including adoption. Mark speaks with Lis on her adoption experience - the ramifacations and how it shaped her as a child and adult.

22 years ago Mark lost his big brother Mike to suicide and he candidly speaks about the devastation, confusion and the sheer dominace depression can have on a person.

February 21, 2014  

Host Mark Farrell is a "half glass full" kind of guy but when he muses what's in the glass being shown on Booze-tube...he can't help but wonder what messages tv network shows are sending when hosts and guests consume alcohol, including the 4th hour of the Today Show where Kathie Lee and Hoda have wine or other libation readily available and always front and center on camera.

Insight looks at Baltimore Raven's running back, Ray Rice -the latest celebrity sports star charged with domestic violence and who ironically spearheaded a anti-bullying and pro-kindness campaign. Really, Ray? And Mark shares a shocking story of being attacked by teenagers and how his ability to be empathetic and forgive allowed him to move on. Unfortunately, the outcome is very different for Billy McCaw - the former Rutger's student killed during his visit to see his Rutger's friends.

Are they disabled or just acting? Insight discusses how most TV shows and movies hire able-bodied actors to play disabled characters.

And Mark discusses 'celebrating differences' and applauds actress Ellen Page (star of 'Juno') who announced she is gay.

Attention Sugar Hill Gang, NBC's Brian Williams and Lester holt have nothing on you but one has to be in awe of Jimmy Fallon 's editors who make "Rapper 's Delight" come alive via two hard news professionals.

CVS decision to kick it's own butt by vowing to stop selling tobacco by October has Mark and Lis praising the national pharmacy retail chain.

And if Christin Cooper's goal was to make headlines via insensitive interview questioning of Olympic athletes, she succeeded when Olympic downhill skiing legend Bode Miller broke down after consecutive questions about his brother that died last year. Adding insult to injury - rather than editing interview NBC choose to air piece in full. No gold medal for the Peacock!

February 14, 2014  

Hold on as you hitch a ride with Mark on top of an elevator…or plunge into the water of your first triathlon where you’ll shockingly discover that you’re unable to see the swim course.  What would you do?     


Hear these and more riveting stories from host Mark Farrell on the debut broadcast of Insight on PRN.  Mark shares with listeners the critical topics Insight will cover that he also addresses as a speaker to national audiences on personal issues and events that he experienced and made him the person he is today.  Like: overcoming adversity due to Mark’s visual impairment, drugs and alcohol and his journey with mental health to hilarious stories of Mark attempting sports as a boy to his recent gargantuan effort to play indoor softball (yes, indoor) where he tries to overcome his past sports demons.   


During Mark’s first show as well as future shows, Insight will cover real life issues that shed light on how Mark’s struggles and hurdles impacted him and how he was able to succeed personally and professionally as a NYC radio talk show host and creative director for nearly two decades.  Mark’s challenges and prosperity can benefit you as his candor and ability to reveal himself will undoubtedly have an impact on you.  Learn more about Mark at and listen Thursdays at 11 am for Insight, where your calls are welcome.            


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