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February 6, 2015  
For George Koonce Jr., 10 year former NFL linebacker and Super Bowl XXX1 Champion – playing for one of the most demanding sports organizations is easy compared to what follows football!  Retirement, being dropped – whatever it’s labeled has daunting consequences on most NFL players after the clock stops and real life begins.  Afterall – they’ve been taken care of for most of their lives in almost every capacity.  Then suddenly, players have to fend for themselves seeking employment and deciding what to do with their young and possibly brutalized body.  George shares his experiences with Mark including how he believes he purposefully rolled his truck during a dark period that resulted in clarity giving him direction and purpose.  Koonce’s book also describes the hardships of many fellow NFL players – their struggles, the glory of living in “the bubble” and perhaps, their fall from grace.
Okay, Derek Jeter’s girlfriend scored the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition – but it’s Ashley Graham that’s making headlines as SI’s first plus size model.  And kudos to Ashley for speaking out on being plus and proud!
You can take Lance off the bike but you can’t take the lying out of Lance – hear how he cajoled his girlfriend to be the fall person so he could avoid a dui.  It’s obvious Lance has done much soul searching post being stripped of 7 Tour De France titles for his candor!    

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