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February 18, 2016  

At the Grammy's, Stevie Wonder made a bold statement about accessibility for people with disabilities prior to announcing song of the year and singing "na na na na na" when holding up the winners name in braille to the audience. Ready, set...get your grit on... award winning writer, producer and director - Dara Padwo-Audick, joins Mark to discuss her new series "She's Got Grit" - riveting show on female athletes with disabilities who compete at the highest levels. See for yourself just how talented, determined and passionate these athletes are: for information to have Mark speak on overcoming adversity, mental health, drugs/alcohol, self-entitlement, anti-bullying, celebrating differences and more at schools, college and corporations.

February 11, 2016  

Mark discusses double standard on how some people with disabilities want the same treatment as others when it comes to the media. Learn how social media gets it all wrong by saying that by befriending or dating a person with a disability means lowering one's standards. Wrong! Quarterback Johhny Manziel, is the latest NFL player to be in the web of trouble that the league can't shake though gives Mark an idea that puts all NFL players with arrests on a different gridiron. What does music do for you? New MIT research proves new pathway in brain dedicated for music stimuli.

Have Mark speak at your school, college or workplace on vital topics that impact most. www.markfarrellmotivation,com for more info.

February 4, 2016  

NFL players are know for their toughness, on-field antics and yes - arrest records. In 2015 alone, 31 players were arrested for dui's, domestic violence, guns/weapons charges and most recently - Bronco's Ryan Murphy was detained in a prostitution sting. On a positive NFL note - yes, the term positive and NFL can coexist in a sentence. A parody video of Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" features Super Sex Bowl babies (spanning all the way back to 1967) that were reprtedly conceived on game day. Data refelcts that winning cities see a rise in births 9 months after the Super Sex Bowl. Gives pigs in a blanket a whole new meaning. And Lego finally gets with the time and unveils disabled minature figure. Next, there should be a maimed Barbie figure - only then will Barbie be perfect.


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