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August 11, 2016  



Evan Mittman’s vision may have failed him though his eye for design coupled with his business acumen captured many of the world’s best eyes including: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and more.  Evan shares with Mark how his world dramatically changed in college when he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentation.  Rather then retreating to his family, Evan’s steadfast determination to become self-sufficient had him unloading trucks and finishing college with limited vision which was no easy feat.  As a proud college graduate, Evan started a small company that manufactured belts then after an unimaginable phone call with then client Liz Claiborne his company was literally catapulted into the big leagues where it thrived for decades.  As a longtime Board Member for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Evan raises critical funds for degenerative retinal diseases and where they not only fund the most innovative research in the world FFBs awareness campaign # HOW I SEE IT (pictured - by Luke) will have Serena Williams, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and other celebrities experiencing what it’s like to have low vision. 


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July 21, 2016  

Like millions of Americans, Andre Fooks is fed up with the numerous shootings and deaths of black men by police officers and the recent retaliation deaths from angered black men so Andre’s impromptu decision to walk into a New Jersey police department to speak with an officer spawned a concept that he calls #peaceforpics.  Hear how and why this grass roots concept has gone viral.  Please join in as well as spread the word at: #picsforpeace.  Daniel L. Hatcher’s new book, “The Poverty Industry – the Exploitation of America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens” reveals how vital money is being siphoned from the disabled community, senior citizens, foster children and more through profiting from the social safety net.  Most states are guilty of this and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no exception since he too has redirected funding earmarked for vulnerable populations.  Seems unfair because it is unfair!

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July 14, 2016  

“I plan on winning a Paralympic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Games”…that sums up Will Lachenauer – member of the US Paralympic National Cycling Team that’s  Rio bound.  My talk with Will further demonstrates that despite life circumstances that seem incredibly daunting, determination and resiliency can get one through the worst of times.  From motocross racer, climber. Mountain bike competitor to nationally ranked hand crank cyclist post his accident – Will’s remarkable zeal for life, family and work have given him an entire new perspective though the only thing Will says he can’t do nowadays is change light bulbs.  Seems like a 90’s flashback that Pokemon is ubiquitous but the new Go version is prompting people who suffer from depression, agoraphobia and more to leave  their homes.  Can a game help treat mental illness and more through distraction?      


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July 7, 2016  

Some call Kristina Kuzmic their sanitation engineer, chef, chauffeur, and conflict resolution guru…those would be her three favorite clients, her children.  Oprah said she wants to be like Kristina and it’s no wonder with millions of You Tube views and multiple media outlets including, The Huffington Post calling Kristina’s work “Parenting comedy at its best”.   Hear Kristina’s candid talk with Mark as she shares the not so good times that propelled her forward in life both personally and professionally.  She can really cook, she has excellent parenting chops and is wickedly funny though Mark’s favorite Kristina characteristic is her willingness to share her blunders and rock bottom experience.

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June 30, 2016  

Lara Stolman, Director and Producer of “Swim Team” a riveting soon to be released documentary that chronicles the Jersey Hammerheads, a swim team for children with autism. Hear about the vast positive impact sport and competition have on the three loveable and motivated characters lives.  Lara is an award-winning producer/director/writer of news and documentaries her work has appeared on NBC, MSNBC, AMC, TLC, VH-1, E! and AMC though Lara’s most proud role is parenting her son with autism. Lear  Michael Phelps new favorite number is 5 as he heads to  Rio for his fifth Olympic competition. This and much more with Mark including the debut of the youngest Farrell host.


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June 23, 2016  

Elaine Hall, Founder and Director of The Miracle Project was a top Hollywood acting coach when her life changed dramatically after her son Neal was diagnosed with severe autism. When traditional behavioral therapies didn’t work, she sought information from experts in the field of autism and then rallied creative people to implement what she learned. Slowly, her son merged out of isolation and she has helped countless with Autism live more freely, creatively as well as become more communicative.  Her Mark’s conversation with Elaine who is remarkably driven and devoted to children with special needs.  After all says Elaine, everyone has a little Autism in them.

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June 2, 2016  

Dr Christine Moutier, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Chief Medical Officer gives insight on mental illness including CDC findings, AFSP’s ambitious goal of reducing suicide, self talk that people with depression often experience and how the significance for the overnight walk goes way beyond raising money.  Melissa Penn, Co-Founder of the NYC Hemophilia Walk discusses how her first child’s diagnosis prompted she and her husband to create a NYC hemophilia walk which has grown to 40 states.  This power couple also founded Happy Fest which was featured on Insight several weeks ago.

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May 12, 2016  

Co-Founders of Happy Fest and visionary entrepreneurs Melissa Penn and Adam Stengel (pictured center and right) talk about their incredible one of a kind inaugural family event created so everyone can experience fun through sport.  It’s a wildly exciting family day that’s inclusive for ALL ages, ALL abilities and wheelchair accessible.  Join Mark as he hosts this wildly fun obstacle course run, live music, food and more on Saturday May 21st at RacewayPark, Englishtown, NJ.

May 5, 2016  

Kayla Kahn and Samantha Stewart, co-founders of Motovaded Magazine - share how their vastly different backgrounds brought them together as a couple and to create an innovative platform where stories of love and loss, hope and despair depict how courageous and strong people are, especially in times of adversity. 

Carly Fleischmann is an incredible 21-year old non-verbal woman who is not only hysterical as a talk show host where her Autism doesn't limit or define her, she's living her dream that includes having Channing Tatum as her very first guest. 

And Mark talks about the rock show of the year, boxer/hero "Sugar" Shane Mosley and what cities are NOT following South Carolina's transgender blunder.

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April 28, 2016  

President/CEO of Bike NY, Ken Podziba shares how exhilarating riding 40 miles on traffic free streets, over iconic bridges, through 5 boroughs with 32,000 riders can be. Tom Brady is completely deflated and flabbergasted after his 4 game suspension remains...justice after all! Learn how a textalyzer will hopefully become law and make roads safer for people who like to drive while driving. And hear how Ted Cruz's crew ejected a 16 year old transgender teen for being, transgender. Shame of you TD!

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April 21, 2016  

Yeah, heavy show. Not one of Mark's typical feel good, uplifting show though Mark's candor and surreal experiences always come with positivity.

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April 7, 2016  

The San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired present Cycle For Sight to benefit their Enchanted Hills Camp for the blind. Director , Tony Fletcher shares with Mark how this vital event gives both visually impaired and blind cyclists the opportunity to experience one of the most liberating events - riding a tandem bicycle with the guidance of a sighted pilot. To register, volunteer, donate: Peggy Farrell, or as Mark calls her - Mom, talks about her introduction to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in 1992 when her son Michael (Mark's brother) died by suicide and how AFSP provided invaluable support services and how Peggy realized that she could be a source of hope for others. Hence being the recipient of the inaugural Peggy Farrell Survivor award. My Mom ROCKS! American Idol contestant, Dalton was voted off though in Mark's eyes he's the winner for sharing that he's bi-polar with the world! Way to end stigma and be proud of who you are.
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March 24, 2016  

International fashion model - Shaholly Ayers ( shares with Mark her vast experiences of growing up with a disability that propelled her to show the world via magazine covers, runways and now Ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion - that her difference makes her stronger (and prettier)! Aslo - an obituary that has everyone talking about how suicide is perceived and learn how the FDA is finally addressing percoct - the widely over use, over prescribed "fun" drug.

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March 17, 2016  

Independent Producer, Interpreter and indomitable force Jo Ann Dean ( shares her multi-prong work that will ultimately have all films accessible for everyone.  A mission equally significant to Michele Spitz ( ) – voice-over artist, philanthropist and trail blazer, to also have films and more accessible.  These two remarkable woman share with Mark how their life experiences shaped their goals, how their lives intersected and through their tireless effort the movie industry will be inclusive.  

Plus, the NFL’s long overdue admission that constant blows to one’s noggin while playing America’s most dangerous sport is hazardous and why this statement comes now.  This and more all while Mark sports his new kilt during one of the most beloved and despised days in NYC.

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March 10, 2016  

"Do You Dream In Color", new riveting documentary film by Director Abigail Fuller is about four driven teens navigating school, life and blindness! This exceptional film is being shown at the Reelabilities Film Festival NYC, Sunday March 13 @ 2 pm at JCC Manhattan ( for complete info). Hear how Tommy Hilfiger launched his new spring line complete for children with disabilities through the vision and tireless efforts of a mom, Mindy Scheier with a son with a disability. To have Mark speak at your school, college or corporation on vital topics including overcoming adversity, mental health, drugs/alcohol and more - visit

Here is the Trailer for : "Do You Dream In Color" -


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