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June 22, 2017  

Model, speaker, reality tv star and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Breanne Rice joins Mark and discusses her decision to reveal how Vitiligo an autoimmune disease impacted her personally and professionally.  Wearing make-up to photo shoots and never ever leaving home without makeup that disguised her condition is just a slice of Breanne’s life prior to hitting the send button on an Instagram picture that revealed her real face to the world in July 2016.  Relieved that she no longer has to hide, Breanne shares her years of secrecy and how she also dealt with a chronic illness that plagued her for years before the onset of Vitiligo.  Breanne’s story of suffering and ultimately conquering is empowering.  Only 17% of NYC schools are fully accessible for students with physical disabilities.  Mark shares his views on this shockingly low number that has students with disabilities compromising academically and socially.  Maybe you haven’t found the perfect person to marry because you haven’t considered yourself.  What?  Introducing sologamy – a new trend on people marrying themselves.  Really – invites, white dress, ceremony and reception for those who want to live happily ever after with…(insert sigh sfx here) oneself.  Think serial Facebook and other social media platform narcissists.

Have Mark speak at your company or organization to increase moral, productivity and more.  Mark also has riveting talks for kids k-12 and college on overcoming adversity, anti-bullying/anti-teasing, mental health, drugs/alcohol, celebrating differences, self-entitlement and more.  All of Mark’s talks are from his vast life experience.  Reviews, videos, booking info and more at:


"Mark invigorated our conference! His genuine enthusiasm and professionalism, combined with an amazing topic, made for a marvelous presentation."


Catharine Leahy - Speakers Chair Pinceton University

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